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Please contact our AIHP partner contact at ADP - Bri Compton, 214-497-5655 or bri.compton@adp.com

"When we bought our Inn, the previous owners already had a relationship with ADP for payroll processing.  It wasn’t broken, so we didn’t try to fix it…but we’ve come to rely on ADP as a valuable business partner.  Customer support has been excellent, and they’ve been a great help in navigating some of the more arcane issues surrounding payroll, taxes, and workman’s comp.  The prices are reasonable, and the time saved from trying to do it our own is considerable - and gives us more time to focus on running our business well." - Chuck Anderson, Owner/Innkeeper - Lucille’s Mountaintop Inn


Additional program details:

ADP’s Pay-by-Pay Premium Payment program for Workers’ Compensation

ADP Retirement Services

ADP Payroll Packages

Watch this video to learn more about ADP.