Executive Committee

Board Chair: Dean Carlson

Vice Chair: Rick Wolf
Treasure: Dallas Renner
Secretary: Heidi Lanford

Allied Partners Committee (seats open)
Committee represents the interests of Allied Partners within AIHP.  Commitee developes strategies and partnerships for the benefit of all members and to promote AIHP's commitment to progressive business practices.

Chair:  Open

Carol Edmondson
Rick Wolf 

Education Committee
Develops and implements all educational initiatives of AIHP.

Chair: Open

Sub Committee chairs:
Guest Experience: Chair: Carol Edmondson
Back of House: Chair: Peter Sharp
Future Innkeepers: Chair: Linda Hayes
Heads in Beds: Chair: Steve Hiatt

Leadership Development
Committee is tasked with identifying leaders in the industry including call for nominations. Committee responsible for review of qualifications and presenting a Board for ratification to the membership.

Chair: Rick Wolf

Dan Ingraham
Carol Edmondson
Jim Leitch
Kristie Rosset

Membership Committee (seats open)
This committee will focus on strategies for member recruitment and retention as well as identifying new parallel businesses that fall under the independent lodging industry.

Chair: Open

Carol Edmondson
Dallas Renner
Lynnette Scofield
Peter Sharp

State and Local Association Committee
Represents the interests of State and Local Association Leaders and to work on partnerships for the benefit of all members.

Chair: Rose Mape - Pennsylvania Association of Bed & Breakfast/Inns

Bob Price - Bed and Breakfast Association of Tennessee
Dan Ingraham - AIHP Board
Nancy Malikie - Montana Bed & Breakfast Association
Linda Singer - Michigan Lake to Lake Bed & Breakfast Association
Carolyn McGee - Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia

Legislative Committee (seats open)
Guides the CEO and the Board in setting policy and determining what legislative issues AIHP should advocate for or against.

If you are interested in participating in an open committee please email us at more-info@independent-innkeeping.org.