AIHP Committee and Task-forces

We need YOUR expertise and talents!!  Consider volunteering for any number of opportunities in which you can lend your knowledge and skills to the many committees and task-forces that are doing the important work to strengthen our innkeeping industry.  For more information on volunteering contact AIHP's Volunteer Director, Kathryn Bundy - Foxfield Inn or Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP.

"Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much." -- Helen Keller


Purpose - This committee represents the interests of Allied Partners within AIHP.  The committee will develop strategies and partnerships for the benefit of all members and to promote AIHP's commitment to progressive business practices. The Committee will manage the relationship of the allied partners within the AIHP organization as a whole.  In addition, they will provide advice and guidance on improving the relationships between AIHP and key national organizations. The Committee will determine if task forces are needed within the committee to complete specific activities related to AIHP's strategic plan.

Staff - Emily Spiers - Allied Partner Liaison 

Chair - Pat McCauley - InsideOut Solutions

Members - David Syoc, dnj Specialties, Janice Hurley,, Gene Faul, Berkshire Amenities Group, Allison Crumpton, White Stone Marketing, Annabelle Hunton, Nobnocket Boutique Inn and Tammy Holloway, Bay Haven Inn

Board Liaison - Pat McCauley - InsideOut Solutions


Purpose - This Committee is responsible for developing and implementing all the educational initiatives of AIHP.

Staff - Kathryn White - Education Director

Education Chair - TBD


  • 2018 Chair, Knowledge Sharing Summit - Linda Hayes, ijk Partners, LLC.

Board Liaison - William Murray, Montford Inn


Purpose - The Committee is tasked with identifying leaders in the industry including call for nominations. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the qualifications of candidates and presenting a recommendation(s) to the AIHP Board for ratification to the membership.

Chair: Jim Leitch, AIHP Vice - Chair

Members - Dan Ingraham - Afton Mountain Inn, Carol Edmondson - Innkeeping Specialists, Kristie Rosset - Inn at Lookout Point

Board Liaison - Jim Leitch, Inn on Lake Granbury


Purpose - The Membership Committee working with AIHP staff will be charged with developing strategies for the retention and recruitment of members across all membership categories.  This committee will work with staff to develop membership and marketing materials for AIHP.

Additionally, the committee will identify new parallel businesses or partners that fall within the independent lodging industry and would be critical partners for AIHP.  This committee will also provide advice and guidance to the Membership Manager.  The Committee will determine if task forces are needed to complete specific activities or programs of work.  

Staff - Mary Hughes, Membership Manager

Chair - Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

Members - Christy Wolf - CBIZ Insurance, Scot Fuller - Beatty - Think Reservations, Jane Sales - The Presidents Quarters Inn, Kathleen Panek - Gillum House

Board Liasion - Heidi Lanford - Iris Inn


Purpose - This Committee represents the interests of our State/Regional and Local Association Leaders.  The Committee will work to create and foster critical relationships with our partners for the benefit of our industry.

Staff -- Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

Chair: Rose Mape - Executive Director, Pennsylvania Association of Bed & Breakfast/Inns (PABBI)

Members - Bob Price - Bed and Breakfast Association of Tennessee, Dan Ingraham - AIHP Board, Nancy Malikie - Montana Bed & Breakfast Association, Linda Singer - Michigan Lake to Lake Bed & Breakfast Association and Carolyn McGee - StayVA

Board Liaison - Nancy Malikie


Purpose - Guides the CEO and the Board in setting policy and determining what legislative issues AIHP should advocate for or against. This committee represents the interests of AIHP regarding legislative issues that impact the innkeeping industry.  The Committee will guide the CEO and the Board in setting policy and developing white papers for members and our state and local associations to use.  The committee will develop strategies and partnerships related to our advocacy efforts that will benefit all members and promote AIHP's commitment to legislative and advocacy leadership for the innkeeping industry. The Committee will determine if task forces are needed to complete specific activities or programs of work.  

Staff -- Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

Chair - Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

Members - Announced Soon..............

Board Liaison - Jim Leitch - Inn on Lake Granbury


Purpose - The Finance Committee is responsible for all AIHP financial activities.  Working with the CEO the Committee will primarily focus on budgeting, financial review, developing and reviewing financial controls and coordinating with the Audit Committee and AIHP's external accounting firm.

Staff -- Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

Chair - Dallas Renner - Former Innkeeper

Members - Dan Ingrahm - Afton Mountain B&B, Roy Forsburg - Wolf Cove Inn, Scott Bushnell - The B&B Team and Nancy Malikie - Gibson Mansion B&B

Board Liaison - Dallas Renner - Former Innkeeper


Purpose - The B&B's for Vets program is sponsored by AIHP, and has served for 8 years to honor and thank veterans for their service through B&B stays generously offered by B&Bs and Inns throughout North America and the UK.  For more information you can send an email or visit the B&Bs for Vets website.

Staff -- Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

Chair - Nancy Renner - Former Innkeeper

Members - Janet Wolf - The B&B Team, Kathleen Panek - Gillum House, Marti Mayne - Maynely Marketing and Melody Landis - Gilchrest & Soames

Board Liaison - Dallas Renner - Former Innkeeper


Purpose - AIHP and its Board of Directors are committed to working with all parties - legislators, property owners and online hosting platform companies like Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO - to help shape a shared goal of responsible regulation, and to enact enforceable legislation at the local, state, and national level that protects the interests and safety of lodging facilities and their guests. This task-force was created to make recommendations to the Board of Directors, CEO and our Advocacy Committee on how best to represent our members in the home sharing economy.

Staff -- Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

Chair - Jim Leitch - Inn on Lake Granbury

Members - Rick Wolf - The B&B Team, Cheryl Grantham - Casa Grandview Historic Inn, Laura Ferrary - Bella Roma B&B and Roy Forsberg - Wolf Cove Inn

Board Liaison - Jim Leitch - Inn on Lake Granbury


Purpose - The task force is to research and define a program that leads to a recommendation on a proposed innkeeping certification. The work of this task-force is to determine if there is a program that could be designed to elevate the standards and individual performance of hospitality professionals in the innkeeping industry.

Staff -- Kathryn White, Education Director - AIHP

Chair - Brian Mulcahy - Rabbit Hill Inn

Members - Deb Mosimann - Swiss Woods, Phil Jenkins - The Independent Edge, Ellen Grinsfelder - Inn at Cedar Falls, Alan Fielding - Cameo Heights and Peter Sherman - The B&B Team

Board Liaison - Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP


Purpose - The taskfoce is primarily responsible for the following:  establish a relationship with one or more schools of hospitality management.  To encourage students to become familiar with the innkeeping industry and to become future employees, owners and investors of properties (after joining AIHP as a student!) (or as a teacher/professor).  To explore creating internships with AIHP member properties as training opportunities for future innkeepers or those that want to pursue a career in innkeeping.  

Staff -- Kathryn White, Education Director - AIHP

Chair - Whitney Knollenberg, University of North Carolina 

Members - Vicki Jones - Captain Henderson House, Katherine Sanderson - Isaiah Jones Homestead, Michael Sorrels - Great Oak Manor and Tiffany Wilson - Inn at Lookout Point.

Board Liaison - Rob Fulton, CEO - AIHP

If you are interested in participating in an open committee or taskforce please email Kathryn Bundy.