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What is a Secure Server? Do I Need One for My Inn's Website?  

Tuesday, August 15, 2:00 pm Eastern

Presenter:  Lisa Kolb, President, Acorn Internet Services, Inc

Lisa Kolb, President and Co-Founder of Acorn Internet Services, Inc., is considered one of the leading educational voices in today’s independent lodging industry. She and her husband Mark opened, owned and operated a profitable bed & breakfast inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado for nine years, during which time Acorn Internet Services was founded. Acorn Internet Services, Inc. is the largest educational and marketing company serving the bed & breakfast and inn industry with 27 team members working with over 600 clients to achieve their individual business goals.

Webinar:  As of early summer 2017, over 2/3rds of AIHP members are still hosting their websites on non-secure HTTP://servers.  Come to this valuable webinar to learn more about why moving your property’s website to a Secure HTTPS://server is an option you should be considering.  We'll go over the who, what, where, when and why's of this somewhat complicated topic. 

This session is a "taste of things to come" at the AIHP 2018 Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace in Norfolk. It will allow you to get a jump start on planning all the things you want to learn when you get there. 

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Learn About AIHP’s New Exclusive Members Only Program with ADP

Thursday - August 17th @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Presenters:  Rob Fulton – AIHP, CEO, Kirstin Perales, CFE – National Franchise Director and Bri Compton – Senior Account Relationship Expert

We are excited to announce our new partnership with ADP. We are officially rolling out a national partnership with ADP's Small Business Solutions Division (1-49 employees). In partnership with ADP we are excited to offer our members the opportunity to use ADP's trusted, turnkey solution for all your payroll, compliance and HR needs. This partnership will allow you to focus less on administrative tasks and more on growing your business.

Join Rob Fulton – AIHP, CEO, Kirstin Perales, CFE – National Franchise Director and Bri Compton – Senior Account Relationship Expert (AIHP’s primary contact) to learn all about this new partnership and the benefits to you as an innkeeper.  We look forward to sharing the program and answering any questions you might have.

ADP has over 60+ years as a payroll, compliance and HR leader. This partnership is exclusive to AIHP members which is a significant member benefit.

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Q&A for Airbnb.  What’s on your mind as an AIHP Member?

September 19th @ 2:00 pm Eastern

Presenter:  Cameron Houser, Traditional Hospitality Program Manager

Cammy Houser is Airbnb's first Traditional Hospitality Program Manager. In this job, Cammy serves as a liaison to the B&B and Boutique Hotel industries, and oversees partnerships, account success, events and other industry needs as they relate to doing business on Airbnb. She is incredibly excited to present this series of webinars to the AIHP community and is looking forward to continuing to expand and support Airbnb's partnership with the Association in 2017!

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The Power of Integrated Marketing and How to Create Your Plan  

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2:00 pm Eastern

Presenter:  Matt Bare, Q4Launch

Matt Bare resides in Charleston, SC, the home of hospitality! He travels extensively for work, pleasure and mission work and brings a unique perspective to destination marketing. He has been doing "internet marketing" since Al Gore was first claiming to have invented it. He was deploying social media and content marketing strategies back when "social media" was just a bunch of forums. With a love for travel and comedy he always keeps things fun and entertaining and believes if you can't have fun doing it, then it’s not worth doing.

 Webinar Presentation:  Integrated Marketing is the key to success in today's increasingly complicated marketing world. In fact, Seth Godin recently said "It's the only marketing left". This webinar will follow the stories of several innkeepers and how they used the integrated marketing approach to increase traffic and bookings.  Matt will walk you through the development of your own integrated marketing plan that you can begin implementing as soon as you leave the webinar. 

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