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SEO Strategies for Innkeepers: what it takes to drive direct bookings

Thursday, May 11, 2:00 pm eastern

Presenter:  Ben Lloyd, VP of Strategy & Customer Success, Odysys

Ben Lloyd is a digital marketing industry veteran who spent a dozen years building, growing and eventually selling his digital marketing agency. Ben is taking his years of management and web marketing experience to and applying it to software startup Odysys.

Ben's web marketing experience began in 1999 as an offshoot of his music industry background. Shortly thereafter, he took that experience to internet marketing pioneer Wave Rock Communications where he honed his skills at improving Web site visibility and generating sales for his clients. Ben later moved on to The Young & Roehr Group, a full-service marketing agency, and in 2003, Ben moved on to form his own search engine marketing company, Amplify Interactive, which was then acquired by Add3 in 2013. Ben exited Add3 in 2015 to enter the startup SAAS company Odysys.

Webinar Presentation:  Ben’s presentation will cover the following key points:

* How to rank better in the map in Google results

* How to use free online tools to improve your website's SEO

* How to use analytics to drive even more direct bookings

* Optimizing your website for search engines AND visitors

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Evaluating Advertising Options

Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 2:00 pm

Presenter:  Mary White, CEO and Founder, BnBFinder.com

Mary White is the CEO & Founder of BnBFinder.com and the author of Running a Bed & Breakfast for Dummies. A former securities broker, she decided to embark on a new venture – internet marketing – nearly 20 years ago and developed a user-friendly website that places B&Bs and inns on a competitive level with larger hotels and resorts. Today, BnBFinder.com earns the industry’s highest rankings and provides compelling content for guests. Mary has been named a bed and breakfast industry leader by Innkeeping Quarterly magazine and is the recipient of the Award of Merit from the Professional Association of Innkeepers International.

Webinar Presentation:  Advertising?  Is it worth it?  You can't succeed without it, so how do you cut through the confusion to reach your target audience?  We'll look at the pros and cons of popular and lesser-known options to maximize your efforts. 

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The Transition from Aspiring Innkeeper to Reality:  What Can You Do Now?

Date to be determined...

Presenter:  Linda Hayes, Owner, ijk Partners, LLC

Linda Hayes has been creating experiences for others for almost 40 years. Schooled as an interior designer, her career includes working in corporate America as a designer, a facility manager and a market sales manager in southern Florida and the Caribbean. In the spring of 2003, Linda and her husband opened Inn at Riverbend in Pearisburg, Virginia, that they designed and constructed.  Their thorough planning, marketing and drive to satisfy their guests quickly created a very successful Select Registry inn that they transferred to new owners in 2010, following their initial business plan.

Connecting the dots between dreams and realities is now a focus for Linda with her consulting business, ijk Partners. She is also the newest affiliate of The B&B Team® providing hospitality consulting services. Linda is a regular speaker at national, regional and state innkeeping conferences, is a founding member of AIHP, and is an active member of the Education Committee.  Attendees are enjoying her new Future Innkeeper Hands-On Workshop, a 4-day boot camp.

Webinar Presentation: So what is it like to wake up one morning and know you will have a dining room full of guests to feed for the first time?  What staff will be there to help you?  Does your operations manual have something in it besides a table of contents?  What sort of special guest experiences are you creating?  Lots to think about; lots to plan.

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