What Is Integrated Hospitality Marketing? And Why It Works.

Contributed by Matt Heffner, Founder, Red Oak Marketing

We recently had a conversation with an innkeeper on the unique approach we take to marketing small properties.

Their first question was:

What is integrated hospitality marketing?

That is a great question and one we don't explain fully often enough. Because while it is becoming more common in the world of marketing it sounds like a bit of a buzzword.

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Impressive First Impressions

Contributed by Shaun Merrill,

It used to be that a guest's first impression of an inn started at the curb and culminated in a warm smile and friendly greeting of the innkeeper. The industry has changed and it's a tragedy that their first interaction with your business no longer happens in person. Their first impression was your Comic Sans typeface, and animated-gif images on your non-responsive website.

Books are not the only things judged by their covers. Whether you admit it or not, your business gets the same treatment online. First-time viewers will form an opinion of your establishment based on your website. A poorly-designed or outdated website is a red flag for viewers. A good website conveys that you are a professional.

To make an impressive first impression, here is a summary of principles good websites use:

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