2018 Webinar Schedule

Don't Settle for a Canned Marketing Plan! 

Tuesday - March 20th @ 12:00 PM EST

Presented by Lisa Kolb - Acorn Internet Services

Come join this quarter's Acorn Internet Services FFA (Free For All) as we walk you through the process of determining what you need to include in your individualized marketing plan, reaching paying guests well beyond just your quality website, which is a mandatory requirement and only the beginning in your quest to grow your revenue. 

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Wellness Tourism Continued: Top Ten Ways To Introduce Wellness Travel Into Your Property Immediately.  

Tuesday - April 3rd @ 2:00 PM EST
Presented by Julie Pankey - JMPankey Partners
Learn why Marriott and other large hotel groups have has added wellness rooms to some of their hotels with amenities such as air purification and water-filtering systems; circadian-rhythm lighting; a memory foam mattress derived from plant extracts; mattress and pillow encasements; shower water infused with vitamin C; healthy menu items; and guided meditations narrated by Deepak Chopra AND how you can too!  In this webinar, Julie will discuss her Top Ten tips to introduce the wellness travel trend to your inn.  

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Wellness Tourism Continued:  Spa Services, What To Consider When Deciding To Add Spa Services or A Spa To Your Property.  

Wednesday - April 18th @ 2:00 PM EST
Presented by Julie Pankey - JMPankey Partners
Spas and spa services can either be a cost center or a profit center for an inn or hotel, knowing which one fits your business is the first step.  Julie will review the top reasons people visit a spa and/or partake in spa services. She will also share her Top Eight tips on what to consider when adding a spa or spa services to your property and how to get started.