Learn what we do, why we are here, and what we hope for the future of innkeeping.

The Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP) is a nonprofit that represents, supports, educates, and advocates for independent hospitality professionals and innkeepers to enhance their personal satisfaction and business success. AIHP provides not only an annual knowledge-sharing summit where hospitality professionals learn, teach, grow, share, and inspire, but also serves as the premier resource for hospitality professionals to success beyond expectations.

As “the voice of innkeeping”, AIHP harnesses years of experience, established relationships and connections, and a wealth of knowledge to create and maintain a strong innkeeping community. With these ideals in mind, AIHP’s dedicated staff is here to support you through progressive and proven business practices.

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NETWORKING - It’s all about who you know. AIHP’s professional staff has years of experience and established relationships within the industry.  AIHP will leverage that experience and those relationships to provide our members with access and opportunities to enhance their businesses and the small lodging community - through AIHP’s annual summit and other professional development opportunities. 

ADVOCATE – AIHP will be the primary advocate for emerging issues impacting the hospitality industry on a national level.  We will have clear established policy positions on critical initiatives that impact our industry.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – Knowledge is power.  AIHP wants its members, the public, elected officials and members of the industry to fully understand the importance hospitality plays in the economy, especially the small hospitality establishments.  AIHP will work daily to ensure that information is communicated, and the value of the industry is conveyed in broadly understood terms.  AIHP will create, develop and host compelling, informative and critical professional development opportunities for its members on a national, state and regional level.

PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES – There’s always someone who’s already built the wheel, gained knowledge from attempts less successful, or sought partners to develop offerings, products, or new ventures.  AIHP will open doors and create opportunities for its members to benefit and learn from each other.  Diverse in its makeup, AIHP’s members represent the multifaceted lodging industry and are uniquely positioned to promote best business practices through the hospitality community.

AIHP Corporate Purpose

AIHP exists to promote and support the sustainability of small lodging hospitality establishments in a changing environment through networking, advocacy, professional development and progressive business practices. 

AIHP Mission Statement 

AIHP is committed to creating community, exchanging knowledge:  including creating, curating, sharing and harvesting actionable understanding (research) and promoting, protecting and advocating for the industry.

AIHP Vision

AIHP is a cohesive community of passionate and forward-thinking people who are the recognized thought leaders and voice within the industry serving as the standard-bearer of excellence among the small business lodging industry.

AIHP Strategic Plan

AIHP's strategic plan focuses on initiatives essential to small independent lodging success. These initiatives and objectives are all critical components in positioning AIHP to be The Voice of Innkeeping.”

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Not a member yet? Join AIHP to get connected or ask questions to learn more about our network of resources!  For more information, contact Mary Hughes, Membership Manager at [email protected] or call Toll Free @ 844-622-6941. 

Greetings Fellow Innkeeper, Aspiring Innkeepers and Allied Partner Members!

It is my distinct honor, on behalf of a wonderful and dedicated Board of Directors, to wish you and family a Happy New Year!  Looking back at 2018, and under the excellent direction of Rob Fulton, CEO, we finished the year strong financially and with a very positive outlook for the future.  We were busy working on providing more value for your membership dollars, and putting in place more effective ways to communicate important industry information. Your Board has spent countless hours working with Rob and his talented staff and volunteers to deliver on the promise we made when we started AIHP 4 years ago – to bring educational value, advocacy on critical issues, and networking opportunities to the membership and industry.  We accomplished a great deal in 2018, from bringing the industry and our members the best innkeeping Summit and Trade Show in the country this past February in Norfolk, to launching our non-dues partnerships with Office Max, Travel Guard, ADP and others, including new ones in the healthcare space. You can expect more from Rob and his team in partnership areas early this year, so you can see real value in savings to you personally and to your B&B or Inn.  We also strengthened our allied partner relationships by partnering with Select Registry to bring you the upcoming 2019 Knowledge Sharing Summit & Marketplace this March (25th – 28th) in Cincinnati.  We hope you will attend and see why AIHP leads the industry with the most relevant educational content, the top vendors/allied partners, and the most helpful networking opportunities. If you have already registered, thank you!  If not, please do so from the AIHP web site. We would love to see you!

You should also know our commitment to being the “Voice of Innkeeping” also means being the voice of “Hospitality”.  With the advent of vacation rentals and home sharing, and the influence of OTAs, AIHP is at the forefront of our industry in advocating for you, whether leading from the front or working with our allied partners and other associations to challenge unfair pricing or illegal regulatory practices.  We are working with all the major players to ensure your concerns are addressed, and, at the same time, explore and act on any opportunities to reach new groups of travelers looking for independent B&B and Inn lodging. Our inclusive approach to always partnering if, when and where it makes sense will continue to be part of the Board’s and AIHP’s ongoing mission.  In addition, Rob and his team will be launching a new AIHP web site in the coming months, with online tools for us to better manage membership, more effectively communicate “hospitality related” news, share important educational content, and provide new benefits to members. We will also be implementing ways to reach new members through the web site and through other marketing channels, so we continue to grow.  With prosperity will come the delivery of more and more value to you!

Lastly, I want to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and commitment to AIHP.  Without our members and valued allied partners, we cannot continue to be the first, and only debt free, non-profit national innkeeping association in our industry.  We appreciate you! As always, please feel free to reach out to Rob or any Board member. Our contact information is on the AIHP web site – we welcome any and all feedback on how we are doing, and how we can better serve you.

Best Wishes for Success in 2019 & See You in March in Cincinnati!

Jim Leitch

Chair, Board of Directors

Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP)