The Path to Success is Paved with Knowledge . . . Find It Here!

Here’s a peek at what we are planning for Tuesday, March 26th - Thursday, March 28th!


Super Session

Mapping the Path to 2020 and Beyond by Thinking Like Your Guest
Presented by Terry Hammer, Hermann Hill Vineyard Inn & Spa and Moderated by David Browning, Eden Vale Inn

As requested by 2018 Summit attendees, Terry will return to share his vision of how you should be shaping your business for the future. Get ready and hang on for this fast and informative presentation!


Round Table Double Sessions

Partner Your Way To Success
Coordinated by Brian Mulcahy, Rabbit Hill Inn with table hosts

Partnerships are valuable and essential and improve the guest experience on many levels. Join this session to talk in small groups about just a few of the many options for partnerships.


Weddings 101: How to Make Your Property a Wedding Destination
Coordinated by Nancy Miller, Southmoreland on the Plaza with table hosts

From simple to extravagant, learn the diverse wedding options offered by property owners in a roundtable session. Discussions include checklists, contracts, vendor relationships, practical considerations, and detailed examples of weddings hosted at these properties.  Whether elopements, packages, or complete wedding venues, avail yourself to plenty of ideas to spur you on to create your own tailor-made weddings.


Break Out Sessions in Alphabetical Order: Tuesday - Wednesday

A Life-Saving Checklist - Revive Your Web Presence Before It’s Too Late!

This session is your lifeline to get 2019 in order.  ADA, GDPR, HTTPS, Mobile First, Google Hotel Ads, Responsive Design, E-Commerce, OTAs, Revenue Management, TripAdvisor, Pay-Per-Click, and more: Do you know what these terms mean to your Web Presence and are you taking action?  Change is inevitable, growth is optional.  Know what you don’t know before it’s too late.


Ask the Innkeeping Experts

In this session, a panel of seasoned innkeepers will give advice and share their experience in handling the burning issues of 2019!  Topics discussed will be taken from responses received from the most recent AIHP innkeeper survey.


Baffled by Beverages

Coffee - fresh brewed, K-cups or cold pressed? Tea - loose, bagged, or brewed? Water - bottled, filtered, or sparkling? And does anyone drink soda anymore? Beverage services have become more complicated. Where is the "sweet spot" and how much is too much, (or not enough) when it comes to what you provide for guests?  


Beyond Avocado Toast - Breakfast Trends 2019

Ethnic-inspired, overnight oats, hash-reinvented and organic are top trends. What are they and how can we use them at breakfast to remain relevant to our guests?


Breakfast - Getting to the Meat of It Makes Me Want to goVegetarian /Keto /Paleo /GF /DF /Whole30 /Dukan…

Dealing with dietary requests and fad diets with beautiful, easy and healthy meals that taste delicious and how to handle what you just can’t accommodate.  Watch demonstrations of some freezable options and leave with a handout of definitions, lists of acceptable foods for each, and recipes.


Creating a Healthy Work Environment: 10 Steps to Improve Your Team’s Effectiveness

As an owner, your employees are as valuable as your guests to the success of your business. Let’s talk about 10 steps to increase the morale, teamwork, and productivity of your team followed by an open Q & A with owners who have faced many team challenges. 


Dealing with Dollars

Managing the books can absorb lots of time, so what’s REALLY important? This presentation will cover thetop 5 key things that you need to focus on to manage your business and stay legally compliant, whether you do your own finances or have an accountant do them for you.


Design on a Dime

Do your guest rooms appeal to the changing tastes of today's travelers while maximizing guest comfort? Believe it or not, you can create beautiful and functional transformations without breaking the bank!  And best of all, a room transformation can increase revenue and occupancy.  Fellow innkeepers will share their experience, including before and after photos, the cost of the room transformation as well as tips on how to cut costs without cutting quality.


Federal Regulations - What you Need to Know and How They Affect your Business

Every month it seems something new comes up - concealed weapons, cannabis, age discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, floodplain insurance and more. This session will give a pragmatic perspective of how regulations apply to day-to-day innkeeping, to help you know what you need to be aware of to avoid the traps!


Full-Service, Flawlessly

Beginning with the definition of Full-Service and the differences between services offered for a fee and services provided as value added, this session will examine how to deliver a multi-level guest experience and the variations based on region, season, and reason.


Going “Green” with the Guest Experience

Beyond recycling and water conservation, what initiatives and products are available for innkeepers to create a “green” guest experience so much so that guests will love you for it, increasing guest loyalty, referrals and return business.


Google -- Are You Struggling to Slay the Ever-Powerful Online Giant?

Google continues to make an effort to keep users on their own platform for longer periods of time.  If you aren’t keeping up with all of these changes that negatively affect your ability to sell your rooms directly, you are going to be left behind.  Please join us for an in-depth discussion on how to compete when the Google giant continues to make it harder for lodging professionals to secure a direct booking.


Have Your Way with the OTA's (Advanced)

Two words: relationship goals. Learn how to best work with your different online travel agencies to optimize your revenue and marketing objectives. Hear from fellow lodging professionals and allied partners who have found they are happily ever after.


How to Market via Email Without Getting into Hot Water: Best Communication Practices in the Age of Digital Privacy

2018 saw one of the biggest changes to digital consumer privacy restrictions to date. What are the best practices for collecting those email addresses? What is the content that converts a reader into a paying guest? Which products work best for the lodging industry?


It’s Not a Day at the Beach!  Are you Swimming or Drowning with the OTAs? (Introductory)

Did you know that when you sign a contract to provide inventory to companies such as and Expedia, that inventory is shared and sold in many different places?  You cannot begin to create a strategy to manage those relationships until you first understand the who, what, where, when, why and how that inventory is being shared.  Come to this overview style session to learn what really happens with your ability to sell rooms when you choose (or choose not to) participate in the OTA world.


Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

Everyone’s work motivation is different, from the millennial to the baby boomer; what are best practices to engage and inspire your diverse team to achieve and believe in the one common goal of your business - guest satisfaction.


Meet The Real Owners of The Select Registry Brand

Contrary to what you may believe, neither the membership nor the staff of Select Registry truly owns the brand. The same might be said for your business. Join Select Registry Chief Executive Officer and his special guests of real consumers who count on the Select Registry brand to make the decision about where to stay easier and more reliable for themselves. The discussion will reveal the reality that lives in the minds of travelers who Stay Select.Additionally, the panel will take questions from the audience about what really motivates travelers to plan and select a high-quality, independent lodging property, and how their experience influences the attitudes and behaviors, they have about your property and the membership overall. 


Outside the Box Staffing Options

Finding good staff shouldn't be so difficult! Learn creative ways to staff your property including J-1 visa students, internships, culinary/trade schools, professional innkeepers (short and long-term) as well as employee incentive programs.


Putting Technology to Work for You

There are so many apps and programs out there to save you time and money, but you have no idea where to start. Hear from fellow hospitality professionals using this technology, and how it has made their staff and operations run more effectively and efficiently.


Putting Your Best Fork Forward - Your F&B Options

Appeal to today's guest by updating Food & Beverage services. So many inns offer fully stocked refrigerators, evening cookie delivery, in-room water, or a beverage/snack station in the common areas; are these F&B options presented at their best? Is the dining room your only option or do you have a vineyard, gazebo, garden, barn or other underutilized space filled with potential?


Q&A with the Select Registry Quality Assurance Team
Join the Select Registry Quality Assurance evaluator team for a lively discussion on a wide range of topics, including consumer trends, guest satisfaction, interior design, housekeeping and maintenance, management responses to reviews, and more.  The panel will take questions from the audience and share data compiled over the past 12 months from industry studies, tens of thousands of online guest reviews, and over 100 on-site evaluations of Select Registry properties, as well as decades of experience as Select Registry property owner/operators. 


Revvvv Up Your Revenue

Revenue Management may not be super sexy, but it can be a lot simpler than you think. Ditch the rate table and get a head start on your 2019 with these surefire strategies to help you stay ahead of the game and on track for financial success.


Ring Ring? Hello From the Other Side. . . Are You Answering The Call?

Learn a simple formula for better telephone selling that is guaranteed to increase conversion rates and revenue by building relationship-selling skills. Arm your team with the tools they need to execute sales plans that get results by using a soft sell, guest-centered approach. Whether a rookie or veteran salesperson, this session will help lodging professionals take a more proactive, disciplined approach to selling to see a significant and sustainable increase in revenue.


Social Media: Use it or Lose it

Great! You have a Facebook Business page, a Twitter account, joined Instagram, posted a video to YouTube, and have been pinning your favorite things on Pinterest but, is your last post your Christmas tree in 2015? Join this discussion on best practices and ways to engage your followers for each of these social media platforms. Make those followers, viewers, fans, subscribers, likes, hearts, and thumbs-ups into customers!


Staying a Click Ahead of Your Guests

In this technology-driven world, what are your guests looking for when they visit your Inn?  Are strong WIFI and multiple outlets enough or are they expecting more? Since every Inn and every guest is different, how do you determine what works best for your Inn and your guests? In this session, attendees will learn what guests expect you to have as well as what they are using and what they are not using!


Stump-the-Chef Panel

Hear from a panel of experts what their top tips are for breakfast and then ask your tough questions. A moderator will collect the most difficult questions to seek wisdom from some of our very own iron chefs.


Surprise ‘Em!  It’s the Little Things!

Unexpected, pleasant surprises harness the power of genuine hospitality. What can you add to a piece of chocolate to make it your secret weapon! Or locally grown lavender? Live music at breakfast that doesn’t break the bank? Special words and thoughtful actions add value to the guest experience, without sacrificing profit.


Take Me Out to the “B&B” Game

We’re celebrating the opening day of baseball season with a workshop where two teams of lodging professionals and allied members will go head-to-head answering marketing questions from the audience to score a single, double, triple or home run!  Bring your biggest marketing question or challenge and then vote on the team that answers best. Everyone wins!


"Thank You for Your Repulsive Review"How a 1-Star Review Can Contribute to Your 5-Star Reputation

That pesky guest may have left the premises, but his or her unflattering comments have made a permanent mark on your otherwise positive page of reviews. Learn how to make this into an opportunity to betteryour reputation and overall success.





The 7-Year Itch - Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

When is it time to remodel, reinvent or bring in a realtor? In this session, you will receive the tools needed to make the best decision for you and your property.  In addition, fellow innkeepers will share their experiences and the steps they took to make their final decision.


Thinking Outside the Guest Room

Common spaces are just as important as guest rooms and can not only improve guest experience but also increase revenue. But how do make the decision to reinvent a common space as well as the best use for that space?  In this session, fellow innkeepers will share their experience with renovating a common space, including how and why they made the decision and how it improved their bottom line.  


What You Need to Know Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

The final steps of purchasing an Inn are critical to your success.  Many new property owners are unaware of the vast amounts of data they must acquire from the seller in order for the process to be a smooth transition.  Attendees will receive a detailed checklist of what they need to know and the steps to take as they are purchasing a property.   


Where are All the Customers At, Yo? Embracing Digital Referrals Without Forgetting the Proven Old-School Methods

Is all your focus on your digital presence? Are you handing everything over to OTAs, losing out on direct bookings year after year? Let’s take a step back in time to talk about working with your competitors and previous guests, leveraging online directories and local CVBs, and other non-OTA strategies to fill your rooms.



 *** Please note that all sessions are subject to change based on speaker confirmations.